Pre-sale consultation:0596-2575236/18065616088How do you do!Welcome to zhangzhou cheung hong machinery packaging co., LTD's official website。The company focused on for many years in the field of automatic packing machine,Have their own research and development team,Can according to customer's special requirements for special customized exclusive models!

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ZhangzhouCheung honPacking machinery co., LTD. Is a science and technology enterprises in fujian province(Warehouse number:2018350603A0001570)Long-term focus on is a collection of all the packaging machinery industryAutomatic packing machineMachinery production,Sales,Maintenance as one of the limited liability company.Our company host camp each kind ofFood packages installed,The tea packing machine,Electronic said packing machine,Granular packing machine,Powder packing machine,Liquid packing machine,Tea bag packaging machine!Products involved in food、Medicine、Chemical industry、Tea, etc......
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  • Food packages installed
  • Granular packing machine
  • Powder packing machine
  • Liquid packing machine
  • The tea packing machine
  • To the bag packaging machine