Bamboo acquisitive canoe is so made by hand

Wu town had a bamboo horizontal port,History was a port,Because of frequent flooding,Often bamboo horizontal in here,Therefore bamboo horizontal port,Is located in the river-lake-estuary regions,Without a shipwreck,Facilitate the small wooden boat travel……

Water CanChuan-The unique dining new pattern

Pay attention to your ship meal is romantic artistic conception,Chaoyang district in Beijing workers stadium food circles,One of the most famous water boat is old docks。It is said that,This is the city's first indoor water restaurant,Main jiangnan……

Wooden materials--Merbau

Merbau wood is native to India,Distribution in south east Asia and the Pacific islands,Guangxi in China、Guangdong、Yunnan province、Hainan has also grow,But more scattered,Can only be found in every hectares of virgin forest……

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