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Four big advantage
We focus on professional development in an all-round way、Production of electric cars and sales
01.Custom range of flexible
  • Provides advanced control process design、Equipment manufacturing、Installation and debugging and a series of complete service。
  • Electric sight-seeing cars,Fuel sightseeing car electric car,The electric car, etc18Kinds of series products
  • Customized according to customer demand production design type electric scheme。
  • Factory direct sale at a right price to the user,Save the intermediate links
02.Four-wheel electric cars a full range of technical production line
  • Four-wheel electric vehicle production of complete sets of equipment production line,The electric car research and development and has a professional technical team
  • Upgrading existing production line technical design、Equipment manufacturing、Installation and a series of services。
  • Reduce production cost,Improve the production efficiency。
03.High performance\/price ratio, and product performance is stable
  • Refer to user's specific requirementsDesign;In strict accordance with national standardsProduction
  • All precision parts adopt famous brand,Using automated production equipment in the production and processing
  • Product operation and maintenance cost is low、Energy consumption is lower、Comprehensive higher performance-price ratio。
04.Perfect after-sale service system
  • Pre-sale communication in detail,A comprehensive understanding of customer needs free door-to-door for equipment maintenance on a regular basis、Maintenance;
  • 24Hours of free technical guidance;
  • 1Years equipment parts damage will send free accessories to your door。
  • Free door-to-door for equipment maintenance on a regular basis、Maintenance。
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Customer's satisfaction,Is the power of our unremitting efforts
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Shanxi yu industrial group co., LTD

Shanxi yu industrial group co., LTD2011Years4Month18Was formally established,The registered capital1000Million yuan,Is located in xi 'an beilin friendship east road in shaanxi province police training school on the west side。Is an advocate green economy,The company is committed to new energy vehicles resource intensive integration,Engaged in the low speed electric vehicles and accessories sales and technical services。 …

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Advocate green new energy vehicles
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400A number of patents,No pollution、Low noise、Charging facilities
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How to choose the electric touring car?
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What are the main points of the electric car daily management?
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What kind of electric police car was deeply loved by police officers
Answer:Along with the advance of society,The car in a wide range of industries demand also will increase,而每一种行业都具有其…
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The phone:15829275794
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The mailbox:
Address:Xi 'an beilin friendship east road339Yu, new energy

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